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So, you’ve missed acting out your assigned scene/character with your acting troupe? That’s okay! But, since it’s impossible for you to turn in an acting scene late, you have one of two options. Choose option 1 OR option 2 in order to earn the 25 points for acting a scene. You do not have to draw/write on the scene you were assigned to act out, but please one of the following sections. The Crucible Act I Scenes: Scene 1 = pg. 8-16 (end at Mercy’s entrance) Scene 2 = pg. 16-25 Scene 3 = pg. 25-32 Scene 4 = pg 36-48 Option 1: You are a sketch artist, and you have been asked to sketch a scene that depicts a specific part of the Salem Witch Trials. Choose a scene from The Crucible to draw with as much detail as possible. This will require you to read the scene very closely—What characters are present? Who is speaking to who? What is the setting? How are the characters interacting with the setting? Are
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Unformatted text preview: there any objects/props present that might be admitted as evidence? Etc. Finally, write a 3-4 sentence summary for the scene you chose (write a summary for the entire scene 1, 2, 3, or 4 not just the part of the scene you depicted). Option 2: You are the director of the movie-version of The Crucible . Choose a scene and write out the decisions you would make to ensure that the scene is accurately portrayed on film. Try to include as many details as possibleWho will you cast as each character and why? Where do the characters enter/exit? Where do they stand/move? What is the lighting like on the set? What kind of props will you use? Etc. Finally, write a 3-4 sentence summary for the scene you chose (write a summary for the entire scene 1, 2, 3, or 4not just the part of the scene you depicted)....
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