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The Crucible Act I Journal Characters For each character, consider three key areas: 1. How he or she is described (in the historical notes, the stage directions, or by other characters) 2. The actions of the character and what they reveal about the character 3. The motivations of the character For each character, write a sentence summary using a page number for reference. These are the characters to follow for Act I: 1. Rev. Parris 2. Tituba 3. Abigail 4. Mr. and Mrs. Putnam (1 entry for both) 5. John Proctor 6. Rebecca Nurse 7. Giles Corey 8. Rev. Hale Setting Read the background information in Act I—it occurs throughout the act. Summarize Miller’s description of what life was like in Salem (4-5 bullet points/1
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Unformatted text preview: quotation) Summarize Milller’s description of the religious beliefs of the Salemites (2-3 bullet points/1 quotation) Theme For The Crucible, we will be exploring the process that creates hysteria. You will have a timed writing at the end, in which you will describe the causes and effects of mass hysteria. SO: For your journal, consider : What are the ingredients present in the town of Salem that allow for hysteria to take hold? Summarize 2-3 conditions present that contribute to the crying out at the end of Act I. Use specific examples from the text....
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