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Essay Topics: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Choose an essay topic that sounds interesting to you. You will be writing a 3-4 page persuasive essay on this topic, and your journals will work towards supporting your essay (just like they did in the Catcher in the Rye unit). **Make sure that for each topic you use text evidence to support your argument!** 1. Mark Twain said of Huck Finn “it is a novel where a sound heart and a deformed conscience come into collision and conscience suffers defeat. The conscience – that unerring monitor—can be trained to any wild thing you want it to approve.” In light of these comments, trace Huck’s moral development throughout the novel. Essay could examine Huck’s lies, Huck’s decisions regarding Jim, Huck’s refusal to be “sivilized,” Huck’s relationship with Jim, the differences between individual and society. 2. What is Mark Twain’s message about morality and religion? How does Twain use both the geography and characters in the novel to support that message? 3.
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