Web Quest - 3 What does the “new” Negro mean 4...

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Name: ____________________________ Period: ___________________________ Harlem Renaissance Web Quest To begin our unit on the Harlem Renaissance we need to start by gathering some background information. Since you will be completing a research paper at the end of this unit, it only makes sense to start with some Web surfing. Please visit at least 3 websites to find the answers to the questions below. For now, it doesn’t matter what websites you use to gather your information —just be sure to fill in the URL lines at the bottom of this page! 1) What inspired the Harlem Renaissance? What was the purpose for initiating such an explosion of African American culture? 2) List 4 people who were important to the Harlem Renaissance and why he/ she was important. Specific contributions?
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Unformatted text preview: 3) What does the “new” Negro mean? 4) Historians debate over the official beginning and end of the Harlem Renaissance. What is the generally agreed upon time period? And why is this a debate—what markers are used to determine a beginning and an end to the movement? 5) List your own ideas, questions, and opinions that occur during your Web quest here. Name: ____________________________ Period: ___________________________ Website 1 URL: _____________________________________________________________________________ _________ Website 2 URL: _____________________________________________________________________________ _________ Website 3 URL: _____________________________________________________________________________ _________...
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Web Quest - 3 What does the “new” Negro mean 4...

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