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Recipe for a poem

Recipe for a poem - 7th 8th Hours Recipe for Poetry A hint...

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7 th th Hours’ Recipe for Poetry ¼ cup of cadence 1 teaspoon of happiness Add 1 cup & a spoon & a sprinkle of inspiration Sprinkle in a pinch of rhymes A dash of creativity A handful & a pinch & a cup & a pound of soul 1 tablespoon & 12 teaspoons of rhyme scheme Add a splash of yourself A handful & a cup & a sprinkle of humor 3 cups and 21 lumps of expression A smidge of randomness A bowl of seriousness A dash of sadness 5 cups of thought ½ cup experience 3 cups knowledge A cup of insight A tablespoon of time 10 cups of passion A handful of heartfelt-ness Pinch of vocabulary
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