Poetry Workshop - effectively Word choice—could the poet...

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Poetry Workshop Guide 15 March 2011
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Major Categories to  Workshop What the poem’s about What the poem means Is it clear? Is it intentionally unclear? What could be added/removed to get the point  across more effectively? What’s the theme? Tone/Mood Who is speaking? Who is the intended audience? Would this poem be more effective if it was written in  a different point of view? What could the poet add to  help convey a certain mood or give the poem a  specific tone? What the poem looks like on paper What’s the title? (offer suggestions) Line breaks, rhyme, repetition, structure (sonnet,  villanelle, haiku)—are these things being used 
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Unformatted text preview: effectively? Word choice—could the poet change any words to make the piece stronger? Poetic Devices & Details Similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, rhythm, etc. Show vs. tell—where could the poet be more descriptive or provide more details to enhance the content and/or mood of the poem? Are there 5 poetic devices and are they bolded or underlined ? Performance Potential Passion for topic Sounds good when read aloud Conventions & Spelling Punctuation Spelling Other Ideas that came to you while reading the poem Specific questions or concerns the poet wants addressed...
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Poetry Workshop - effectively Word choice—could the poet...

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