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Outline for Harlem Renaissance Research

Outline for Harlem Renaissance Research - American...

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American Literature 11 Name_______________________ Outline for Harlem Renaissance Research/Opinion Paper (Due Monday April 11) * Requirements: 3-4 pages, double spaced MLA format (for real) Discusses at least 2 concrete examples showing the group working towards change Be prepared to debate/discuss your topic in a graded discussion on Monday 4/11 Works cited (minimum of 3 sources, one of which is an interview) You can use “I” in this paper, since you are talking about your own personal opinion towards the end. However, try to avoid statements like “I think” and “I believe.” Remember Taylor Mali and say things with conviction! Still avoid second person pronouns like you, us, we, etc. You don’t want to assume that your reader feels the same way as you. Hook/Intro: A hook grabs your reader’s attention. Don’t assume that everyone is interested in reading your paper. You need to pull the reader in. A few ways to write a hook for a formal paper: Question/Hypothetically Speaking (what if):  What’s a girl to do—when she finds herself  struggling against half her country for her basic rights? OR What if it was a written law that a  woman is expected to tolerate and remain devoted to a spouse who has the legal and religious  right to beat, torture, and rape her? Definition:  Resilience, the ability to withstand or recover from difficult conditions, is critical  character trait for women in the Middle East who are currently struggling against fear of social  ostracism and harsh physical punishment in order to gain their basic human rights. Quote/Saying:   “The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins  when the doctor says, "It's a girl” (Shirley Chisholm). For many Islamic women, the phrase “It’s  a girl” equates to inequality and a disadvantaged position from birth; however, in the past  decade, many women in the Middle East have begun to fight for equal rights and a female  identity that they can be proud of. OR "Women's rights must not be the sacrifice by which peace  is achieved," says Fawzia Koofi, the former Deputy Speaker of Afghanistan's parliament. List:  Obtain a job in the professional workforce, walk the streets without an escort, vote for a  government leader rather than be assigned one—all of these are examples of rights that many  women in the United States may take for granted; however, for Islamic women the fight for  equal rights is relatively new and a constant struggle.   Anecdote/Story/Vivid Description:
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