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Journal Table of Contents - Table of Contents: Harlem...

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Table of Contents: Harlem Renaissance Journals 1) 2/15 Response to “Harlem” by Langston Hughes (in your Harlem Renaissance packet) What did this poem make you think about? What is the “dream” Hughes is talking about? What does Hughes think happens to a dream deferred? (deferred = put off or set aside for later. Ex. To defer student loan payments = to put off paying the money back until after you graduate from college.) Is there any dream you’ve had to defer? Why? How has deferring that dream (from the previous question) affected your identity and interaction with the world? 2) 2/16 & 2/17 Response to Antoine Dodson YouTube video and stereotypes. PART 1: This YouTube video has “gone viral” (i.e. it is extremely popular, almost everyone has heard of it). How are stereotypes formed and where do we see them present in our lives? How is this YouTube video perpetuating stereotypes? Examples. What are the consequences of having stereotypes embedded in popular culture? Undeniably, some stereotypes can be comical. How can we reconcile being able to laugh at ourselves while simultaneously having respect for all people as individuals? PART 2: After playing the role of a stereotype, you were asked to respond to the game by considering these questions. If you missed class, consider a time when you have either seen someone cast into the role of a stereotype, a time you’ve been stereotyped, or a stereotype you’re familiar with and apply it to these questions. How did it feel to be seen as an archetypal character rather than an individual? Did you find yourself playing the part after a while? How do stereotypes survive in our society? Look at the list you made (list of as many stereotypes you can think of). How many were you able to come up with? What are the consequences of having so many? Who are we slotting into
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categories they don’t necessarily belong in? How do we
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Journal Table of Contents - Table of Contents: Harlem...

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