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Interview Guidelines - Name _ Period _ Interview Guidelines...

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Name ____________________________________ Period ___________________________________ Interview Guidelines & Notes DUE TUESDAY MARCH 15 STEP-BY-STEP GUIDELINES FOR CONDUCTING AN INTERVIEW: 1) Have at least 5 questions prepared and an idea of what you hope to gain from this interview. DO NOT make up questions on the spot. Being unprepared gives the impression that you don’t really value this interview, which would probably make your interviewee feel like you’re wasting their time. 2) Request the interview. This can be in person, via email, or over the phone . You want to give your interviewee enough time to prepare and make time for you in their schedule, so you should arrange this interview very soon! a. Thank them for giving you the opportunity to interview them (Politeness is essential!) It may also be a good idea to obtain the interviewee’s contact information just in case you need to clarify an idea or ask a follow up question later on. b. Tell them what you’re studying in class c. Tell them what your final paper task is and what you’ve chosen to research d. Tell them why you’d like their input on the topic e. Ask them for the interview and/or if they have any questions before you start 3) Ask your questions one at a time. You should practice reading your questions
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Interview Guidelines - Name _ Period _ Interview Guidelines...

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