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How to analyze poetry cheat sheet - Name _ Period _ Big...

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Name ___________________________ Period __________________________ Big Cheat Sheet: How to Analyze Poetry! 1) Speaker a. Who is “I”? b. Is the speaker a specific person? c. Who is the speaker speaking about? d. How does the content and the voice help us understand who the speaker is and what he/she  believes? e. What is the role of the speaker in the poem? (observer, commentator, narrator, character, etc.) 2) Audience a. Who is the poem written for? (specific person, group of people, etc.) b. Why is the speaker writing to this audience? c. What is the role of the audience in the poem? d. What intended effect is the poem supposed to have on this audience? 3) a. What is the overall feel of the poem? (hopeful, sarcastic, ironic, etc.) b. What kind of voice (words, phrases, emphasis, attitude, etc.) is the poem using to  communicate that feeling? c. What do you hear when you read the poem? What do you actually hear if you’re listening to  the poem (spoken word, audio clip, song)? 4) a. Does the poem have a constant beat? b. Are there sections of the poem that have a beat? c. How does this beat contribute to the poem? What does it add? d. Can you scan the poem? Is the poem metered? (meter = pattern of stressed and unstressed  syllables. Remember iambic pentameter with Shakespeare?)
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How to analyze poetry cheat sheet - Name _ Period _ Big...

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