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American Literature 11 Harlem Renaissance Creative Piece NAME ___________________________ PERIOD ________________________ Creative Piece: DUE Wednesday April 6 As you already know, during the Harlem Renaissance, many African Americans found a voice through creative expression— music, dance, painting, poetry, plays, fiction, etc. Now it’s your turn to figure out how a group might harness this ability to define themselves through their creative talents and abilities. If you look at your assignment sheet for your final paper, you’ll see that one portion of this final project includes putting together something  creative that you believe would effectively advocate for the group you  are researching and writing about . For example, you might plant a tree or a flower in a decorative garden or flowerpot to represent the identity/goal that environmentalists are aiming to achieve.
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Unformatted text preview: (See attached page for a HUGE list of possible genres!) In addition to your creative piece, you will write one double spaced page describing the significance of the piece and why you believe it would effectively represent the group you’ve chosen to research. This portion of your final project will be worth 55 points and will be graded on the following components: /20 Art is original, unique, and effective and reflects the effort of the artist (you didn’t pull this out of your closet…) /10 Shows a connection to the ideas of the Harlem Renaissance /10 Reflects the ideas/goals/identity of the group the piece is advocating for /15 Explanation is well written, thoughtful, and provides insight on the significance of the artwork (Why did you choose this form? What does it say about the group? What was your intention? Etc.) /55 Total...
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