A Guide for Reading The New Negro

A Guide for Reading The New Negro - completing this reading...

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Name ____________________________ Period ___________________________ A Guide for Reading “The New Negro” by Alain Locke Please respond to the following questions as your read “The New Negro.” You do not need to answer in complete sentences. Feel free to make note of questions that you have while reading or page numbers that spark interesting ideas. Tomorrow’s lesson hinges on your participation, so it’s important that you understand these concepts. Not to mention these ideas influence pretty much everything we will read for the rest of the unit. You will receive participation points for
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Unformatted text preview: completing this reading guide. All or nothing. 1) What does Locke mean by the “new” Negro? 2) How does the “new” Negro differ from the “old” Negro? 3) What does Locke mean when he says that blacks must develop a “new psychology” and a “new spirit”? 4) What role does Harlem play in the development of the New Negro? 5) What type of audience might Locke have been addressing in this essay? 6) What was Locke hoping to achieve with this essay? 7) For your own thinking: Notes. Questions. Ideas....
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