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Found poem directions - up the books or the dictionaries...

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Cut/Found Poem You see a bunch of various forms of text in front of you. At this  station, you will grab a small handful of these texts and skim the pages for  lines that you like and want to borrow to make a poem. Sometimes, the  best way to do this is to choose one article and write your poem on the  same topic the article is about or decide on what you want to write a poem  about and then find the words to make it. Try to stick to using only 1-3  articles. I think this activity is more fun when you’re working within  limitations or with a specific writer. You also have scissors and tape at your station. Obviously, do not cut 
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Unformatted text preview: up the books or the dictionaries, but if you want to cut out the lines you’re going to use from the magazines or newspapers and tape them onto your paper (so it kind of looks like a ransom note), you may do that. Have fun! You will have 10 minutes to write your poem. The purpose of this activity is to practice finding the most important words within a piece of writing and using those words to create a poem, which eliminates all unnecessary words, that expresses the same idea or topic....
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