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Concrete Poetry Directions - object? After you’ve taken...

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Concrete Poetry: Playing with the Shape of a Poem By now, you’ve probably realized that you have a bag full of random objects at your station. Your job is to choose an object and study it for at least one minute. REALLY study it. How did it get here? What color is it? What does it feel like? Does it remind you of anything or anyone? Where will it go once you’re done with it? Is it heavy or light? Does it have a distinct scent, or make a sound? Where can you picture this object being used? What kind of situation would you be in when you’d want this object? When would it be useful? Who, specifically, might use this
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Unformatted text preview: object? After you’ve taken some time to really study your object, start writing! THERE’S A CATCH: you must write your poem in the SHAPE of the object you have found. So, for example, if you chose a pen, your poem should look like a pen. Feel free to be creative – make up a story about this object, personify it, etc! The purpose of you doing this is so that you can see poetry can have any shape, size, or focus! There is no cookie cutter formula for a poem!...
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