catcher essay fall 2010

catcher essay fall 2010 - Bean-American Lit-Fall 2010...

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Unformatted text preview: Bean--American Lit. ---Fall 2010 Essay #1 – Catcher Essay –Argumentative Piece Assignment Overview: For this assignment, you will write a thesis-driven essay that explores one of the many themes prevalent in Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye , and argue how that message is conveyed throughout the work. • Support your view with evidence from the text! • Your thesis will focus on the theme you’ve decided is most apparent in the novel and how that theme is conveyed to the reader through motifs, symbols, characterization, etc. Your Paper Topic: Consult your Journal! You have spent the last four weeks gathering quotations that will be the basis for this paper. Use your familiarity with these motifs to develop your argument. (ex. Make an argument about what Salinger is trying to communicate about the difficulty of adolescence. Use motifs such as purity and corruption and childhood vs. adulthood to focus your argument). Requirements: • A focused thesis statement that includes a what? a so what? and a why? • Plenty of specific evidence drawn from the text (you need AT LEAST one quotation per supporting paragraph) • Analysis that explains the relationship between your thesis statement and each piece of evidence (quotation) that you include • A conclusion that restates your thesis in different words • Attention to the expectations of an academic audience with regard to language, style, and tone Format: • 12 point font • Typed, Double-spaced • Use of an academic font like Times New Roman • Enter page numbers and last name in upper right hand corner • MLA Heading • MLA citation for the novel • MLA in-text citation Worth: 100 points (Major Assignments) Length: 2 - 3 pages Important Dates: Writing Lab: Friday (9/24), Block (9/29 or 9/30), and Friday (10/1) Paper Due: MONDAY 10/4 Make sure to turn your paper in to as well (The assignment is created and ready for uploads under your class period section!) This means you will turn in a HARD COPY to me at the BEGINNING OF CLASS on Monday 10/28, and an electronic copy to Please ATTACH YOUR RECIEPT FROM TURNITIN.COM TO YOUR FINAL DRAFT! The Rubric: Your paper will be evaluated on a 6 trait rubric (see reverse). Please review it carefully, and keep it in a place where you will not lose it! Bean--American Lit. ---Fall 2010 SIX TRAIT RUBRIC IDEAS: Clarity, detail and originality...
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catcher essay fall 2010 - Bean-American Lit-Fall 2010...

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