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Short Story Assignment (2010)                   Name ____________________________ PIB LA 9                                                      Period ____________________________ Bean Write a short story between 300 and 500 words: Typed, correct MLA heading Correct format for dialogue Correct grammar, spelling and sentence structure Interesting title Here are the decisions that you will need to make and the techniques that you will need to use: 1. What is your point of view? a. First Person b. Third Person i. Omniscient ii. Objective iii. Limited 2. What is your setting? a. Historical b. Physical c. Cultural 3. Include imagery:
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Unformatted text preview: a. Auditory b. Olfactory c. Gustatory d. Visual e. Tactile f. Kinetic 4. Include simile and metaphor 5. How will you create your characters? a. Direct characterization b. Indirect characterization c. Dynamic/static characters d. Round/flat characters 6. What is your driving conflict? a. Internal conflict b. External conflict 7. Create a plot that follows this sequence: a. Exposition b. Complication/inciting incident c. Rising Action d. Climax e. Falling Action f. Resolution/Denouement 8. Will you use chronological order, foreshadowing, flash forward, flashback? Why? 9. Will you use Dialogue? 10. Use language that is precise and specific...
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