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Comic Strip - you chose Make sure it’s evident which...

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Elements of Fiction Comic Strip 1. Choose any of the short stories we read in class.   Your options are “Initiation”, “The Sniper”, “The Most Dangerous  Game” and “The Gift of the Magi”.    2. Draw a five- box comic strip on your paper.  Label it with the Plot Elements.   Exposition  Rising Action        Climax       Falling Action  Resolution **Your comic strip will take up almost all of your paper.   It should be large.  You want to have plenty of room to draw. 3. Write the title of the story you chose above the comic strip, and then write your own name where the author’s name  would go.    4. Decide what the major plot elements were in your chosen story.   Draw a picture of each important moment in the story 
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Unformatted text preview: you chose. Make sure it’s evident which character is which. You are welcome to use actual dialogue from the story. 5. On a separate piece of lined-paper, make a list of all of the plot elements and explain how you chose them for your particular story. 6. Your comic strip will be graded on: • Appearance—I would like to hang these on • the wall-make them look great! • Accuracy—Did your comic strip tell the story? • Explanation—Does your explanation make sense? Did you write it in complete sentences? Do the elements fit correctly with the moments in the story?...
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