Poetry Project Part II--Initial Response

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Poetry Project Part II: Initial Response Name: Poem: Initial Response (20 pts) Type a one page initial response to the poem. Write an initial response after reading the poem several times and after having completed the paraphrase and your annotations. This is time for you to explore the poem. You might isolate words/phrases/lines that stood out and guess at their effect. You should quote sections in detail and discuss the effect of those sections. Here it is appropriate to
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Unformatted text preview: ask questions and wonder about the poem and for you to introduce theories that are not yet well thought out. A formal register is not required. Be sure to use MLA format. Poetry Project Part II Rubric _____ / 20 Initial Response To what extent does the initial response show genuine engagement with the text To what extent are the ideas clearly expressed To what extent is appropriate formatting used _____ / 20 Total...
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