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PIB 9 Language Arts (100 points)           Name ______________________ Poetry Essay                                          Period ______________________ Basic Requirements: 500 words maximum MLA format Annotated copy of your poem This rubric Turnitin.com Tips for success: Craft a narrow, insightful thesis that is textually based and addresses how the elements of the poem  support the overall theme of the poem Correct and insightful analysis of literary devices/techniques Do not address aspects that do not tie into the thesis Focus on the theme and how it is developed without overusing the word “theme”  Develop and support your ideas with specific examples and quotations from the poem Introduction includes thesis, poem title, and author Conclusion Title that illuminates the focus of the paper
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Unformatted text preview: • Use precise vocabulary • Avoid personal pronouns/”the reader” • Use present tense • Thesis: o (Poet’s Full Name)’s poem (“Poem Title”) demonstrates /illustrates (SOME ASPECT) about (SOME TOPIC) through/by (SOME LITERARY DEVICE). o Through the metaphor of a small spider spinning its web, Walt Whitman’s poem “A Noiseless Patient Spider” illustrates the human soul’s courageous commitment to finding connections in a world of isolation. • Body paragraphs: o Integrate paraphrasing along with comments on literary devices, tone, theme, and any other relevant aspects o Consider this the “equation” portion of your essay (1+1+1+1) • Conclusion: o Address the significance of your new “equation” o Talk about the “new” concept that is now “4”...
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