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Poetry Project Creative Response

Poetry Project Creative Response - 3 Present • How will...

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Name ___________________________________________   Period ___ POETRY PROJECT PART III: CREATIVE RESPONSE (25 points) 1. Creative Response (10 points):  Possible approaches (Pick one or create your own): Pastiche: write a poem that mimics your poem’s style Create an artistic representation of the poem Write a letter to the poet Create a dialogue with the narrator of the poem Put your poem to music 2. Explanation (10 points): How does your creative response enhance our understanding of the poem?  What are you trying to accomplish in your creative response?  What aspects of the poem are you responding to? ONE PAGE DOUBLE-SPACED
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Present: • How will you present your creative response to other members of the class?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------POETRY PROJECT PART III: RUBRIC _____ / 10 Creative Response • To what extent does your creative response show genuine engagement with the original text? • To what extent is your creative response clearly and professionally presented? _____ / 10 One page Explanation of Creative Response • To what extent does your explanation show purpose and insight? • To what extent is your explanation presented clearly? _____ / 20 Total...
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