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Poetry presentation Part 4

Poetry presentation Part 4 - the poem that can be projected...

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PIB 9 Poetry Presentations—Poetry Project Part 4 Each student will present his or her poem in front of the class. Here’s what you will do: Bring a clean copy of your poem with you. State the title and author of the poem. State your thesis (this will be the same thesis that you use for your paper) Give the class a brief paraphrase of the poem and state what you think it is about. Read the poem aloud (memorization not required). Comment on two or three important aspects of the poem that tie into your thesis (see your handout “What to say about a poem”), referring to specific words/lines/ phrases. As you comment on each of your chosen aspects, explain why you think it is interesting and/or important to the poem and your thesis. Mention your thesis again (this will help your presentation to be more cohesive). Have a technological visual aide: PowerPoint, or one of the examples that Ms. Roach shows you in class. The visual aide must include a full-length version of
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Unformatted text preview: the poem that can be projected while it’s read aloud in class. How to prepare for your presentation: 1. Consider all the work you have done so far: Paraphrase, Annotations, Initial Response, & Creative Response. 2. Write a thesis statement about your poem’s theme and/or structure. 3. Decide what two or three literary features you will comment on (see “What to say about a poem”). Whatever you comment on, be specific (refer to a specific line or lines in the poem) and state why you chose that feature to talk about—why it seemed interesting and important to your thesis. 4. Create an outline of your presentation. 5. Practice your presentation several times. Make sure to time yourself so that you know that your presentation will last 3-5 minutes. 6. Make sure you have figured out a way to access your technological visual aide. On the day that you present: • You will be graded by your peers AND Ms. Bean and Ms. Roach (see reverse side)....
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