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Pre-IB 9 th Grade - Language Arts Poetry Presentation Your name ____________________________________ Poem_________________________________ Introduction → (5) Good reading of the poem Clear thesis is stated Body → (15) Effective transitions Points are followed by support—you use specific lines as reference Conclusion → (5) Summarize speech/re-emphasize main ideas Provide closure ____(15) PowerPoint/ Technological Visual Aide:
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Unformatted text preview: Visual appeal 4-5 slides One slide is a clean copy of your poem ____(10) Timing: _____:______ mins/secs (should be 3-5 minutesyou will receive point reductions for going out of this range) ____(10) Presentation: Body Language & voice Eye contact; Posture; Volume; Rate/speed; Enthusiasm ____(10) Preparation Outline Use of time in class TOTAL Score _______________________/ 60...
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