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Memoir Rubric - Name Score/100 Memoir Rubric Criteria...

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Name____________________ Score_____/100 Memoir Rubric Criteria 5 3 1 Presentation How does it look? _______/10 Your memoir is typed, and beautiful. In the left-hand corner, your MLA heading is perfectly typed. There is a creative title in the middle of the paper. You have attempted to make your memoir attractive, but have missed a few of the standards. Your memoir is hand- written and sloppy. You have not even come close to making it the appropriate level of presentation. Conventions How clearly can you communicate? _____/20 Your memoir consists of flawless grammar and punctuation. You include dialogue using the correct conventions, perfectly. You do not have a single spelling error in your paper. You have some errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, but overall your paper is understandable. You include dialogue, but it is not punctuated accurately. This paper is difficult to read because of the amount of errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. You do not include
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