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Memoir Checklist - in class_7.My memoir contains dialogue...

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9 th  Grade Language Arts Memoir Check List _____1. My memoir has an interesting title that has something to do with the story. _____2. My title is centered at the top of my Memoir and in italics . _____3. My memoir has a clear lesson—a “so what”. _____4. My memoir is in paragraphs—not one long paragraph. I divided these paragraphs by organizing them into different ideas. _____5. My memoir is spell-checked and contains no spelling errors. _____6. I have edited my paper for all the grammar errors that we talked about
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Unformatted text preview: in class. _____7.My memoir contains dialogue that is edited correctly. _____8. My memoir contains sensory details that better describes one moment or place in my memory. _____9. Two other people have read my memoir and looked for the editing errors we discussed in class. They wrote their names on my rough draft. _____10. My rough draft is stapled behind my final draft. _____11. I have included my memoir reflection (handwritten) stapled to my draft....
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