Memoir Assignment - throughout the story • Use dialogue at least once to further develop the “characters” in your memoir • Your memoir has

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Pre-IB 9 th Grade Language Arts Fall 2010 Susan Bean Memoir Assignment Our first major assignment will be a personal narrative, or memoir. You will be writing an essay all about ONE important event in your life. Remember, you need to stay focused, and your memoir should have some significance. Keep in mind, we should all be able to see what you learned from the event you chose. For example, a vacation is not always a good choice, unless you can keep it focused on a particular part of the vacation which contained an important memory or change in you. Requirements: Your memoir is typed, and double-spaced—2 pages. Your memoir contains sensory details . In other words, you use description which relies heavily on the senses. As readers, we should be able to get a picture in our minds. Remember to SHOW and not TELL. Make sure your readers can get a sense of who you are through your writing. Show your sense of humor, your feelings, and your ideas. You have a clear sense of purpose in your writing. We can tell where you are going
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Unformatted text preview: throughout the story. • Use dialogue at least once to further develop the “characters” in your memoir. • Your memoir has a creative title related to the story it’s attempting to tell. • You should use your best conventions. There should be a minimal amount of spelling and grammatical errors. • Your memoir should contain at least one simile or metaphor. • Your memoir has a moral, or So-what. You learned something. Remember, your audience for this memoir includes your classmates and your teacher. If you are not comfortable with sharing with all of us, then you shouldn’t choose that topic. We will workshop the memoirs on Wednesday, September 1st, or Thursday the 2nd (your block day). So, you will need to have a typed draft in class. Your draft will be considered a practice assignment. Your final draft will be due Tuesday, September 7th. This is considered a major assignment, so I expect you to have it here on time....
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