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Great Expectations Annotation Assignment/Essential Question PIB 9 Language Arts We will have annotation checks throughout this unit—You should be annotating 25-30 pages a night . Remember that annotating consist of three components: 1. Underlining  or highlighting the text. 2. Marginalia —summarizing what you underlined in the margin, and/or writing comments about what  you underlined. Do not simply repeat your coding with your annotation. (Example: rather than writing  “characterization of Pip” in the margin, write “Pip—innocent.”) 3. Coding —a system to identify the different strands of your annotation. Either use tabs (colors), clear  symbols, or a list of page numbers. Annotate the following in your text
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Unformatted text preview: : WHAT DO YOU NOTICE? WHAT QUESTIONS DO YOU HAVE? 1. Characterization of Pip: How and why does Pip change and grow throughout the novel? 2. Characterization of another character and the development of his or her relationship with Pip (at least one): Estella Herbert Magwitch Miss Havisham Joe Wemmick Jaggers Biddy Mrs. Joe Other? 3. Setting: Consider how setting reflects and creates character (at least one): The Marshes Satis House London Jaggers office Wemmicks Castle Other? Essential Question for Great Expectations What are you learning in regards to morality, love, friendship, loyalty, adulthood, responsibility, society, guilt, innocence, and/or redemption?...
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