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Great Expectations Annotation Assignment/Essential Question PIB 9 Language Arts We will have annotation checks throughout this unit—You should be annotating 25-30 pages a night . Remember that annotating consist of three components: 1. Underlining  or highlighting the text. 2. Marginalia —summarizing what you underlined in the margin, and/or writing comments about what  you underlined. Do not simply repeat your coding with your annotation. (Example: rather than writing  “characterization of Pip” in the margin, write “Pip—innocent.”) 3. Coding —a system to identify the different strands of your annotation. Either use tabs (colors), clear  symbols, or a list of page numbers. Annotate the following in your text
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Unformatted text preview: : WHAT DO YOU NOTICE? WHAT QUESTIONS DO YOU HAVE? 1. Characterization of Pip: How and why does Pip change and grow throughout the novel? 2. Characterization of another character and the development of his or her relationship with Pip (at least one): • Estella • Herbert • Magwitch • Miss Havisham • Joe • Wemmick • Jaggers • Biddy • Mrs. Joe • Other? 3. Setting: Consider how setting reflects and creates character (at least one): • The Marshes • Satis House • London • Jagger’s office • Wemmick’s Castle • Other? Essential Question for Great Expectations What are you learning in regards to morality, love, friendship, loyalty, adulthood, responsibility, society, guilt, innocence, and/or redemption?...
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