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Unit Two - Business Operations

Unit Two - Business Operations - SINGLE SUBJECT UNIT PLAN...

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Unit Title: Business Operations (Chapters 5-8) Unit Two Course: Intro to Business Subject : Business Grade Level(s) : 9-12 Teacher : Holland Dates : TBD Overview (Rationale) : Unit Two builds on the foundation of economics in Unit One and introduces the roles and functions of businesses in the U.S. economy. Lessons in the Unit will focus on businesses in our economy, business structures, managers as leaders, and producing and marketing goods and services. Students will not only learn the role and functions of American businesses, but they will also learn the three most common types of businesses that exist in America, as well as the leadership characteristics and human relations skills needed of business managers. Finally, students will learn about how small businesses can successfully produce and market their products and services. Topics to be covered : Four kinds of businesses Business activities The impact of new businesses on a community Types of business ownership
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