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1 Boulder, Colorado S INGLE S UBJECT L ESSON P LAN Unit Title: Business Operations Lesson Title: Ch 5 Business in our Economy Teacher: Holland Day: Time: Room: Subject: Grade Level: Equipment/Materials/Resources Required: Methods: 1 Objective(s) of Lesson: Given access to the Business textbook, in addition to notes from the teacher's lecture, students will write the chapter's vocabulary down in their notebooks/notes, then be able to connect the respective definitions to the terms of the chapter with an accuracy of at least 90% on a written quiz or exam. Also, students will use resources to gain understanding of basic kinds of businesses in our economy, the activities they perform, and how jobs are created in our economy. 2 Content Standard(s) Addressed in Lesson: 3 Lesson Introduction: Identify students who may have family members, relatives, or friends who own their own businesses. (a) What type of business is it and how long has it been in operation? (b) How many employees are there? (c) Was it easy or hard to get the business started? (d) What are some of the
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