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Statement Poster Project Goals

Statement Poster Project Goals - graphics or layout that...

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Making A Statement: A Poster Design Project Goals: Decide on a topic that you would like to make a statement about. Research this topic online, and find a minimum of 5 examples of design that is related to your topic. Collect the designs & images you have researched and place them into a one- page word document. Organize each of the images you found so that they are as large as possible onto one page. Print a color copy of this document in the computer lab. Present your found images to 10 friends and classmates who are Ask these people to rate the images on a scale of 1-5, 1 being the least attractive, and 5 being the most attractive. Next, ask each person to explain why he or she either liked or disliked the images. Ask them to explain what it was that attracted them to the image that they liked the most. For example: was it color, headline,
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Unformatted text preview: graphics, or layout that most attracted them. Note their responses. • After surveying 10 students, analyze survey data and use results to drive the creative force behind your own original design. • The classmates that you surveyed are considered a part of your target audience. Decide how you will use your survey results to help with the design of your own original poster and how you will communicate both visually and verbally to this audience. Requirements: • 8x10 printed poster including: Headline or Title, something that grabs the attention of your target audience. Title should be no more that 7 words long and should be legible from 6 feet away. • Poster must include images and copy that relate to your chosen topic. • Image research page, survey results, typed artist statement and rubric (on back) must be turned in with final poster print out....
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Statement Poster Project Goals - graphics or layout that...

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