Warm Ups Week 6 - Create a time line of events along with...

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Warm Ups Week 6 Monday 1) List 3 examples of how technology is used in business. 2) What is e commerce? Tuesday 1) List and describe 4 ways technology impacts businesses. 2) What is the title of the top tech person in a corporation? 3) What does a management information system (MIS) do? Block Day 1) What are some health issues with using computers at work? How can they be minimized? 2) Why are there so many businesses using e commerce?
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3) What are the stages of e commerce development? 4) What makes a good e commerce website? Friday 1) What are the tax laws related to selling online? 2) Why is advertising a website challenging? Pp 212-213 Discuss ideas 1-10 Pp 237-238 Discuss ideas 1-10
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Step One: While watching the film: Describe the events in the film from a management standpoint.
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Unformatted text preview: Create a time line of events along with your opinions and impressions about the decisions that are made. and Answer the following questions 1. From what you recall, did Kaleil and Tom have a formal business plan for GovWorks? 2. What went wrong with their long-term planning? 3. What were the flaws with GovWorks’s (a)vision, (b)market analysis, and (c)competitive analysis? 4. Why were there cash flow problems? 5. Was it a good idea for Kaleil and Tom to be in business together? Explain. Step Two: Record any changes you make in the business plan you are creating in class that were motivated by what you saw in the film....
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Warm Ups Week 6 - Create a time line of events along with...

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