Assignment 6 Resume writing

Assignment 6 Resume writing - Name:

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Unformatted text preview: Name: _________________________________________________ Date: _______________________ Career Experience Program Curriculum You are being provided a template to complete a resume. If desired, schedule a meeting with instructor for assistance in the Career Experience office. You may do one on your own, but it must be professional quality and include your current job! Examples of professional resumes are provided. You may also be as creative as you wish as long as the result is professional and usable. Remember that your e-mail address must be appropriate for an employer to contact you. Try to keep the resume to one page! DO NOT USE THE DATA COLLECTION SHEET PROVIDED WITH THIS ASSIGNMENT AS A RESUME! You can use the resume builder from the website you used previously to create your interest inventory. This assignment with resume samples is being sent to you as an attachment by e-mail or can be found on the website. If you choose, replace your information with that found on one of the samples (see Jeremy Higgins or Caranine Davenport’s resumes) and save. When you have completed your resume, provide a journal entry of your previous month’s work experience. Provide an example of something of which you are especially proud; provide another example of something that you would like to have an opportunity to change and how you would accomplish that. Spaces are provided below, but use the back of this sheet if necessary....
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Assignment 6 Resume writing - Name:

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