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Assignment - final assignment - Name Career Experience...

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Name: _________________________________________________ Date: _______________________ Career Experience Program Curriculum Final Assignment Final Assignment Final Assignment.  Please complete  both  sides of each page.  This assignment is for  program improvement and development.  It is required for program completion. Answer the following questions: 1.  When beginning the program, what were some of your goals?  Provide at least four  examples.  i.e. Credit?  Career Exploration?  Experience?  Guidance?  Please explain. (1) (2) (3) (4) 2.  Did you achieve any of these goals?  Which ones and how?  Please give details. 3.  Is your work situation different as a result of the program?  How? Assignments/ Final Assignment Page 1 of 4 6/15/09
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4. Do you think the program should be available to Boulder Valley students?   5. What benefits did you get from participation?   6. Why should you get school credit for your job? 7. What did you least enjoy about participating in career experience?  Give an example and  a reason you feel this way. 8. What did you most enjoy about participating in career experience?  Give an example  and a reason you feel this way. 9. Please designate and evaluate the assignments you completed while in the program by  circling the appropriate answer.  Did you find them useful and will you use them in the 
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Assignment - final assignment - Name Career Experience...

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