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Calendar - 30 NO SCHOOL(make sure you are caught up on...

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Month: __April/May 2010_ Monday Tuesday Wednesday/Thursday Block Friday Weekend 31 Finish Raisin in the Sun Film 1 ACT Prep 2 More ACT Prep Introduction to Cuckoo’s Nest u 5 Yellow Wallpaper Class Reading, Monkey Quiz 6 Short Assembly Schedule Yellow Wallpaper disucssion 7/8 ACT survey Building Background Articles 9 Cuckoo Background Articles Due Background Jigsaw Establishing Purpose 10/11 12 Reading/Work Day 13 Part 1A Reading Due 14/15 Junior Presentation in the Post Grad Center 16 Grammar Part 1A Journals DUE 17/18 19 Reading/Work Day 20 Part 1B Reading Due Part 1 QUIZ 21/22 Part 1B Journals Due Part 1B Disucssion 23 24/25 26 Reading/Work Day 27 Part 2 Reading Due Part 2 Quiz 28/29 ACT SCHEDULE Part 2 Journals Due Part 2 Discussion Reading time for Part 3 Quiz tomorrow!
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Unformatted text preview: 30 NO SCHOOL (make sure you are caught up on reading- QUIZ MON!) 1/2 3 Part 3 Reading Due Part 3 Quiz 4 Part 3 Discussion 5/6 Part 4 Reading Due Part 4 Quiz 7 Part 4 Journal Due Part 4 Discussion 8/9 10 LAST DAY FOR LATE WORK Writing Lab 11 Writing Lab 12/13 Draft Revision and Writer’s Workshop Writing Lab (2 nd half) 14 Final Cuckoo’s Paper Due! Grammar and Diagramming Review 15/16 17 Grammar and Diagramming Quiz 18 Begin Watching Cuckoo’s Nest 19/20 Finish Cuckoo’s Nest Film 21 Exam Prep Day 22/23 GRADUATION 24 F I N Cuckoo’s Nest Exam 25 A L S And Letters to the 26 W E Future 27 E K ------------28 No School- Teacher Work Day...
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