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Act I cause and effect activity - What are the Effects of...

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CAUSE AND EFFECT ACTIVITY: ACT 1, pages 3-32 (overture-entrance of John Hale) Your task: Since your final timed writing is a cause and effect essay, we will do some more practice with cause and effect events today. You will use the reading you completed for homework to help you with this activity. Your job is to illustrate, through cause and effect, how event A leads to event B. Consider the chain I drew on the board when we were discussing Raisin in the Sun- What are Causes?
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Unformatted text preview: What are the Effects of those Causes? Do the Effects stand on their own, or do they become the cause for something else? EVENT A: The girls dance with Tituba in the Woods. EVENT B: Reverend John Hale from Beverly comes to Salem. You will work INDEPENDENTLY at first. Use your understanding of what you read for homework to make your own illustration of cause and effect (this could be a chain, a web, etc.) We will do some group work in a few minutes....
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