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Unit 4: Women Writers in America Spring 2010 Adkisson/Stewart Unit Goals, Expectations, and Essential Questions Unit Goals: 1. Students will read a variety of works from a variety of women authors and think critically about the voice and subject matter of the works. 2. Students will use analytical skills to determine how female voices of a given time period are different from the male voices of the same era. 3. Students will practice organizing information to help understand and compare works, as well as prepare for writing a formal essay. Unit Expectations: 1. Students will bring their textbook to class EVERY DAY! 2. Students will use class time appropriately, and any assigned work not completed in class will be completed as homework. 3. Students will participate in class discussions and activities, and will come to class prepared to do so (having read the assigned texts) 4. Students will complete a graphic organizer to demonstrate ability to organize information, locate relevant information, and use information to write a
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Unformatted text preview: structured, organized, and well-written Comparative essay. Essential questions: 1. Why has most of what we have read been written by men and focused upon men? 2. How are the experiences of women different from the experiences of men you have read about? 3. Why are there still, even in present day, fewer voices of women than of men? 4. How do the voices of the women writers you read differ from the many voices of the men you read works by last semester? 5. How does the subject matter of women authors differ from that you have read from men? 6. How does the subject matter of women writers shift from one time period to another? 7. Why are some types of writing “appropriate” for women while others are not? 8. Do you think the issues of women are valued (in any of the time periods we are studying?) Comparative Essay Topics will be based off of these essential questions and in-class discussions. FINAL ESSAY IS DUE ON FRIDAY 2/12....
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