Day 21- Feb 10, 11

Day 21- Feb 10, 11 - LA11: American Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Block Day, February 10th, 11th Block Day, February 10th, th 11 Today's Objectives Students will use language to discuss their experience with literature from different time periods, genres and authors. Students will consider a purpose for reading in their own lives and the steps they can take to ensure they are reaching that goal. Students will ask for feedback and advise and vocalize struggles with writing in an attempt to help their own writing process. Students WILL COMPLETE A ROUGH DRAFT OF A COMPARATIVE ESSAY SO THEY CAN FOCUS ON THE PROCESS OF EDITING AND REVISING! Block Day, February 10th, th 11 Today's Agenda: Socratic Seminar/ThinkPairShare Literature Purpose of reading Help with Paper Break Writing Lab to complete draft #1 THINK about these questions (no talking yet...) Are there any lingering questions you still have about any of these works? What did you find confusing? Interesting? Important? Informative? What works, if any, in this unit did you have some sort of personal reaction/relation to? What was that relation/reaction? If you did not react or engage with any of these works, why do you think that is? What would make them more meaningful or engaging for you? What are your goals with reading? In other words, what do you hope to gain/accomplish from reading a text? You completed some prewriting in the lab on Tuesday what are you still struggling with? Need help with a thesis statement? Organization or evidence? Bring your question up in seminar today to get some feedback from your peers and me. Block Day, February 10th, th 11 Homework for tonight: If you were quiet (or absent) during seminar, please post on the discussion board. You need to have a draft with you tomorrow!!! Please, if you did not finish a draft in class today, finish it tonight. Block Day, February 10th, th 11 On Deck for Friday: Writer's Workshop on your comparative essays. BRING A DRAFT!! ...
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