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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Monday, February 8th 2010 Monday, February 8th Today's Agenda "Speed Dating" Book Talks Comparative Essay Topics/Preparation Begin working on thesis statements Monday, February 8th Note to Absent Students Turn in your book talk posters upon your return. Look at the essay prompts posted on my website and decide which one you want to do. Review the Comparative Essay slides included in this powerpoint to help you format your paper. Come to class on Tuesday prepared to start drafting. You need to have a THESIS STATEMENT ready! Speed Dating Book Talks: You will have one minute to present your book talks you worked on in class on Friday. At the end of your 1 minute, you will switch speakers. We will rotate the speed dating book talks for a few rounds. The Paper Topics ON THE WEBSITE!! IF YOU NEED A HARD COPY, PRINT THEM OUT! OTHERWISE, YOU CAN ACCESS THEM THERE THROUGH THIS ENTIRE PROCESS. Women Writers Unit: Final Task Comparative Essay The Assignment For this first unit, you will be asked to write a solid comparative essay. The goal is to get you focus your writing and practice your comparative analysis skills. In addition, you will be working on some other important elements of writing. The Writing Process: In general, what are the steps in the writing process? Prewriting Drafting Revision Publication DRAFTING AND REVISION ARE NOT A ONE TIME STEP! YOU SHOULD REVISE SEVERAL TIMES IN THIS PROCESS! Writing Your Comparative Essay When writing a comparison essay, what steps should you go through to help you structure your paper (before you even start writing it)? Decide what you are comparing Determine both similarities and differences between the two things you are comparing (Venn Diagram, anyone?) Decide what textual examples you will use to support your argument. Write a thesis statement! Comparative Essay Expectations 34 pages You must include evidence for your argument (quotes, paraphrase, summaries, etc.) MLA format (Typed, Double spaced, MLA headings, etc.) "Final draft" mechanics, grammar, and spelling Works Cited Page COMMON MISTAKE #1: THESIS STATEMENTS What is the purpose of a thesis statement? How long is a thesis statement? Where does it go? Short: 12 sentences Set up what you are going to talk about in your paper. Not too detailed, but detailed enough to get a good idea of what will be discussed. It is a delicate BALANCE! Should include title of works, authors, and main idea of the paper. At the end of your introductory paragraph COMMON MISTAKE #2: "SO WHAT?" Several of you addressed some really important events and ideas, but were missing something. Back up your ideas by tying them back to your thesis. As you proofread your paper, ask yourself "so what?" If your paper doesn't answer this, you need to take it further. An Example from Past Papers: "There are in fact a few differences between the two stories. First of all, they were written by two totally contrasting groups of people. Gilgamesh was written by the Sumerians, while genesis was written by the Hebrews. Secondly, the amount of Gods differs in each story. There is only one God in Genesis, whereas Gilgamesh has multiple gods. These are the only differences, but the majority of the details in each story are similarities." CAN YOU ASK "SO WHAT?" COMMON MISTAKE #3: TRANSITIONS When do you need transitions? When you are changing from one thought to the next. When you are starting a new paragraph. THESE ARE THE LINKS THAT HOLD YOUR TRAIN OF THOUGHT TOGETHER! Some Tips for Writing a Comparative Essay THE IMPORTANT THING IS THE COMPARISION! While your introduction does need to catch our attention and call us intor your paper, make sure you have a solid thesis that lays out your compared text and the SO WHAT! Organization is key! Think abou thow you can best structure your essay so that your comparison is clear and your purpose is evident. As always, avoid "fluff" and make sure everything you write is IMPORTANT! This includes setting up your quotes and explaining them! THESIS STATEMENT What is it? Usually a single sentence in the first paragraph that presents your argument to your reader. How do I write it? Use your prewriting to determine what your paper is going to be about. What will you focus on? What is your argument? Writing the Thesis: Once you know what you want to prove in your paper, you can begin do develop the thesis. Brainstorm! Try a few out, and ASK FOR HELP! How Do I Know If My Thesis Is Strong? Strength Tests: Does it answer the question/prompt? Is it specific? Does it pass the "so what" test? Example Comparative Thesis (these works are from last year... are they familiar??) While both the Hebrews and the Myans valued ____________________, the Hebrew people were more focused on _____________ while the Myans were influenced by ___________________________. YOUR TASK TODAY: You have the rest of the period today to develop your thesis and an outline for your 5 paragraph essay. A thesis is DUE TODAY before you leave. After you finish your thesis, work on your outline for your paper. (How will your organization look, etc.) If you do not finish your outline today in class, it is homework. We will be in the computer lab tomorrow. Come ready to draft!! Monday, February 8th Homework for tonight: If you did not finish your thesis statement in class, finish it for homework. Come prepared on Tuesday to start DRAFTING! On Deck for Tuesday: Writing Lab Your Schedule this Week (and early next week): Tuesday Block Day Writing Lab 1st half: Socratic Seminar (paper clarification, burning questions, editing drafts) 2nd half: Writing Lab WORK DAY for Inclass revision: You have today in class to edit, revise, complete graphic organizer, hand in missing/late work NO School Writing Lab Last day to finalize essay (DUE BLOCK!) Friday Monday Tuesday ...
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