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Day 18- Feb 5 - LA11 American Literature and Composition...

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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Friday, February 5th 2010 Friday, February 5th Today's Agenda Work Day in Preparation for Monday! Read your Part 6 Selections Prepare your "book talk" poster for Monday Friday, February 5th Note to Absent Students Make sure you have read all of your selections for Part 6. Look at the "book talk" slide in this PowerPoint and prepare your poster for Monday! Friday, February 5th BOOK TALK PROJECT You will complete a poster that "sells" your short story, essay, memoir, or poem (PICK ONE!). Please make these appealing (you can use magazines to collage, markers to color, etc., but it needs to look good these are going on the wall!) What your poster must include: 1. The title, author, and genre of the work you are focusing upon. 2. A brief explanation of how the work captures the historical context or literary modes of the time (BONUS FOR BOTH) 3. A reason why someone should read (or buy) this work 4. Your goal: To prove your understanding of a) the work b) the historical context. You are also trying to be persuasive! Use persuasive techniques on your presentation (ie. Appeals to audience, etc.) Bonus: Contrast the work with works from earlier time periods! Friday, February 5th Homework for this weekend: Be prepared to give your book talk on Monday!!! ...
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