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Day 17- Feb 3,4 - LA11 American Literature and Composition...

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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Block Day, February 3rd, 4th 2010 Block Day, February 3rd, 4th Today's Agenda Short Story Activity Quiz #4 Part 6 Historical Context Sign up and begin reading your stories for part 6 Be sure you are filling in your graphic organizer!! Block Day, February 3rd, 4th Note to Absent Students Take notes on the historical context slides (online under PowerPoints labeled Part 6) in the historical context column of your graphic organizer. Complete the quiz (included in this PowerPoint) and turn it in upon your return. Follow the choices for Part 6 on your graphic organizer. You will need to have all the works for part 6 read by the end of class on Friday. Short Story Activity In pairs or a small group (No more than 4!), talk with people who read the same short story as you and complete the following tasks: Compare your responses to the questions and the activity on the back of the page (make additions in a different color if you need to). Make sure you understand ALL of the questions! You have 10 minutes. Then, it is time for QUIZ #4!! Quiz #4: Modern Literature (20 points) 1. 1. 1. What is your name? (1 point) What is the title of the short story you read? (1 point) In a short paragraph, explain how your short story displays elements of Modern literature. (6 points) If you read "A Worn Path," recount 3 of the symbols/metaphors, explain what they mean and how they add to the story. (12 points) If you read "Jilting of Granny" list 2 flashbacks and 2 present thoughts. Then, explain how the flashbacks enhanced or hindered your reading (think about the prereading info on streamof consciousness) (12 points) 1. Block Day, February 3rd, 4th Your Choices for Reading: Listen as the stories are introduced. Jot down the titles of ones that sound interesting to you. You need: 2 SHORT STORIES 1 ESSAY/MEMOIR 1 POEM Block Day, February 3rd, 4th Homework for tonight: Keep reading! You will have some in class time on Friday, but this is also time to work on your "book talk." If you are finished with the reading when you come to class, you will have more time to work on what could become weekend homework. On Deck for Friday: You will have the class period to finish reading and to prepare a book talk that you will give in class on Monday. ...
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