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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Monday, February 1st 2010 Monday, February 1st Today's Agenda Today is a work day and you need to be quiet and focused. Please complete the reading and Graphic Organizer for part 5 poetry (p. 798) and "Dust Tracks on a Road" (p.914). If you finish early, come sign up for a short story and pick up the accompanying reading guide. Monday, February 1st Note to Absent Students Stay up to date with your reading (follow the graphic organizer... you need to be finished through the poetry and "Dust tracks" of part 5. Make sure to complete the reading questions in this powerpoint they will be the basis for a discussion on Tuesday. Tasks for Today's Reading We will have a discussion on these questions on Tuesday Please write your responses and come prepared to use them to aid in a discussion on Tuesday. POETRY: How does Moore's poem illustrate Modern literature? What is the overall message of her poem? Answer the Critical Reading Questions on page 799. DUST TRACKS ON A ROAD: Describe the social context in which Hurston is living during this selection of her autobiography. What strikes you about the way her autobiography is written? Compare it with other personal narrative such as Mary Rowlandson, Chestnut's Civil War Diary, or Colt's Heading West. How are they similar? Different? What do you think is the most important takeaway from Hurston's autobiography? What is her purpose in writing it? Monday, February 1st Homework for tonight: Finish any reading, graphic organizer spaces, and reading questions that you did not complete during class time. These are due in class tomorrow! Tomorrow we will start some new short stories ...
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