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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Monday, January 25th 2010 Monday, January 25th Today's Objectives: Students will lead the class through a poem explication to demonstrate speaking skills as well as an understanding of poetry explication and literary devices. Monday, January 25th Today's Agenda Announcement: Quiz Makeup Next Wednesday, Block Lunch Up to 6 Points back on quiz score (30%) max score = 100% Reflection on Friday: what worked? What didn't? Finish studentled poetry explications Historical Context (Part 4) May be TUESDAY Note to Absent Students: Upon your return, talk to your classmates about the poetry explications. Make sure you understand HOW to do it! Check to see if the Part 4 notes are postes under the "Class Agenda PowerPoints" folder. If they are, we went over them today. Take notes on your G.O. Otherwise, come ready to take notes on Tuesday. Teacher Role Review You will teach a Lesson in Explication: Take the role of teacher. You will lead a small group through the explication of your poem. Read the poem aloud Explain your process Explain your elements Discuss what you think this means about an overall theme or message about the piece. Student Role Reminder: Evaluate your group leader Indicate whether this is your evaluator's 1st or 2nd discussion. As your "teacher" presents, take notes so you can ask questions at the end. After the teaching period, evaluate your teacher. Write your group leader's real name on the space that says "teacher." Write your code name. Please take these evaluations seriously they help identify what you and your "teacher" need to work on. SAMPLE EVALUATION Poetry Explication Evaluation Form 1st "Teacher's" Name: _____Ms. Adkisson_______ Evaluator's Code Name: _______Chippy the Squirrel____ CONTENT: How well did your "teacher" know the poem? 1 = NOT AT ALL _____8____ 10 = VERY WELL Did your teacher identify literary devices presented in the poem? YES SOMEWHAT NO How well did your "teacher" explain the theme or overarching message conveyed by the literary devices? 1 = NOT AT ALL 10 = VERY WELL _____2____ PRESENTATION: How well did your teacher use his/her explicated poem to demonstrate the explication process? ___10___ 1= NOT AT ALL 10 = VERY WELL Did your "teacher" speak slowly and clearly enough for you to follow and understand his/her process? YES SOMEWHAT NO FEEDBACK: You found a lot of really good devices (good job ), but you didn't explain what they meant to the meaning or theme. What was the purpose of those devices? I mean, what was the effect?? Speak up a little bit when you talk... it was hard to hear you sometimes because you seemed a little mumbled... Monday, January 25th GROUP LEADERS: PLEASE COLLECT YOUR EVALUATION SHEETS FROM YOUR AUDIENCE. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TURNING THEM IN TO ME AT THE END OF THE CLASS PERIOD TODAY! Monday, January 25th Homework for tonight: Bring your textbook with you on Tuesday! On Deck for Tuesday: Historical Background for Part 4 (if we don't finish it today) Sign up for diary and short story. ...
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