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Day 07- Jan 15 - LA11 American Literature and Composition...

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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Friday, January 15th 2010 Friday, January 15th Today's Agenda Happy Bonus Day Historical Background (18001870) Sign up for Dickinson Poems Loula Rogers Poetry If time allows: Story: The Adventures of a Lady Pearl Broker By: Beatrice Heron Maxwell ( Happy Bonus Day: MUSIC You have until I finish taking attendance to write down and submit your answers. 2 Extra Credit points possible per question. Will be recorded and added in you minor assignment grade at the end of the semester. 1. Don McLean's famous song "American Pie" was inspired by the airplane, American Pie. What famous singersongwriter died in this airplane? 2. Keith Moon of The Who inspired which Muppet character? 3. Who Bumped Michael Jackson Off The #1 Spot In January 1992? Note to Absent Students: Copy the historical context information from this slide show into the historical context column of your graphic organizer. Check in with me when you get back for the Dickinson poems you are responsible for. Upon your return, pick up a copy of the Loula Rogers Poems. Write your responses to the discussion questions (in this PowerPoint) and turn them in. Block Day, January 13th14th Historical Context: 18001870 American writers are beginning to develop their own voices. This is the period where the transcendentalist authors begin to come into play. In 1803, Jefferson signs the Louisiana Purchase. This led to a huge surge is national pride and self awareness. 1804 Lewis and Clark begin exploring regions of the West. Historical Context: 1800 1870 cont. The government, as a democracy, takes on a new role. Andrew Jackson (the "People's President") and many voting requirements became eliminated. Still, little political attention was paid to women and African Americans were still enslaved. This was also a period of "Indian Removal" Historical Context: 1800 1870 cont. The Gold Rush of 1849 drew a great deal of people into California. New Territories are opened, transportation is improving (Erie Canal, railroad, etc.) Advancements in technology (mechanical reaper, telegraph). Fierce competition between people leads to trouble (factories reliant upon child labor, poor working conditions, etc.) Historical Context: 1800 1870 cont. Outburst of efforts promoting women's rights 1848: Seneca Falls Convention Arguments over slavery divided the nation. Human rights vs. states rights Historical Context: 1800 1870 cont. Romanticism: focus on imagination instead of reason and intuition over fact; also reveled in nature. Rip Van Winkle, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow New England Renaissance Intellectual movement away from Europe begin to interpret own culture in new ways. Transcendentalism The Possibility of Evil s Scarlet Letter, House of Seven Gables, Moby Dick Historical Context: 1800 1870 Literary Milestones: Primary theme: "The quest of the individual to define him herself" 1814: Francis Scott Key writes the "StarSpangled Banner" in response to a Bombardment of Fort McHenry (War of 1812) 1827: Edgar Allen Poe publishes his first collection of poems (Tamerlane). 1850: Nathaniel Hawthorne publishes The Scarlet Letter. 1851: Melville's Moby Dick and Hawthorne's The House of Seven Gables are published. Friday, January 15th Emily Dickinson Poems: Sign up for TWO! Because I could not stop for Death I heard a Fly buzz when I died There's a certain slant of light My life closed twice before its close The Soul selects her own Society The Brain is wider than the Sky There is a solitude of space Water, is taught by thirst Friday, January 15th Loula Rogers Discussion: On your own piece of paper What stands out to you in these poems as different from what we have already read in this Women Writer's Unit? How does the content of these poems reflect the historical context of the time period in which they were written? Block Day, January 13th14th Homework for this weekend: 1. Bring your textbook to class on Tuesday. Enjoy your long weekend. 1. ...
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