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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Monday, January11th, 2010 Monday, January 11th Today's Objectives Students will continue to build background knowledge to aid in understanding and analysis of literature from 17501800. Students use background knowledge (which they took notes on last Thursday, 1/8) to understand the experiences informing the writing of Mary Rowlandson. Students will discuss literature in a community of learners to make sure they understand the works, the influence upon it, and how it helps us answer the essential questions for this unit. Students will practice reading critically and consider influences of a time period on written material and authors' experiences. Monday, January 11th Today's Agenda If you have a signed syllabus, please be sure to get it in to your period's submission box before you leave today! Socratic Seminar: Mary Rowlandson's "Captivity and Restoration" Bring your graphic organizer to seminar! Background notes: 17501800 Be sure to record notes in this column if your graphic organizer. BEGIN READING: "AN HYMN TO EVENING" Thursday, January 7th Homework for tonight: Finish reading "An Hymn to Evening" and fill out your graphic organizer. Bring your organizer with you on Tuesday for discussion! Discussion Board Post on On Deck for Tuesday: Discuss "An Hymn to the Evening" Read "To His Excellency" and "Letter to her Daughter" Discuss these two readings. ...
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