Unit Goals, Objectives, and Expectations (2)

Unit Goals, Objectives, and Expectations (2) - American...

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American Literature and Composition Adkisson/Stewart Unit 3: The Transcendentalists Unit Goals, Objectives, Expectations, Reading/Work Schedule, and Tentative Calendar Unit Goals and Objectives: 1. Students will understand the three major components of the transcendentalist philosophy: nature, self-reliance, and civil disobedience. 2. Students will recognize that transcendentalist philosophy is not outdated or extinct, but rather can can be found across several aspects of modern society. 3. Students will locate examples of transcendental ideas in modern society, including comics, songs, and popular/famous people. 4. Students will be able to conduct structured, organized research leading to a well-organized, well- supported research paper. 5. Students will discuss literature in a community of learners in an attempt to better understand the text, the themes presented as well as to challenge their thinking. Unit Expectations: 1. Journals: For each major reading assignment, you will complete one journal entry. For each reading, you will paraphrase the reading (to make sure you understand what is being said, and answer the questions provided. The prompts for each journal are provided on the following pages. * *Each journal will be part of a “major assignment” category and will be worth 20 points! 2. Transcendentalism in Comics: You will bring in an example of a comic that illustrates some of the values of transcendentalism. You must write a one paragraph explanation (including one quotation from class reading for support) explaining how the comic strip illustrates one of the transcendentalist ideals. See example provided in class. 3.
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Unit Goals, Objectives, and Expectations (2) - American...

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