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Month: Nov/Dec 2009 LA11: Unit 3- The Transcendentalists (Tentative Calendar) Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend 9 Finish Huck Finn Film, Work on Essays 10 Transcendentalist film Huck Finn Essay DUE! 11 Veteran’s Day: No School for Students 12 Essay/Article Study: Walden Pond Introduce Comic Strip 13 Essay/article Study: Finish Walden Pond Introduce Song 14/15 16 Essay/Article Study: Self Reliance Walden Pond Journal Due! 17 Work day: Self- reliance reading and questions 18/19 Comic Strip and Song Due! Share in Small Groups Self-Reliance Journal Due! Essay/Article Study: Civil Disobedience 20 Introduce Research Paper 21/22 23 T H A N K 24 S G I V I 25 N G -------------- B 26 R E A K 27 ------------------------- 28/29 30 Meet in Library Research and Writing Progress Check: Topic and Note Card Categories Due 1 Meet in Library
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Unformatted text preview: Research and Writing 2/3 Meet in Writing Lab Research and Writing Note Card Check: Need at-least 20! 4 Meet in Library Research and Writing Last Day for Make-up Work!! 5/6 7 Introduce Artistic Interpretation for Final Work Day for Paper- DRAFT DUE for EDITING! 8 Meet in Writing Lab: Work Day for Paper and Artistic Interpretation 9/10 Transcendentalist Research Paper Due! Turn in outline, all drafts, turnitin.com receipt, and note cards!! Work Day for Artistic Interpretation 11 Final Prep/Work Day for Artistic Interpretation 12/13 14------ F I N A Per 2: 9-11 Per 7: 12-2 15 L S -------------Per 4: 9-11 Per 5: 12-2 16 F I N A L Per 1: 9-11 Per 8: 12-2 17 S ------------------Per 3: 9-11 Per 6: (12-2) 18 NO SCHOOL- TEACHER WORK DAY 19/20...
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