Day 06- Block Nov 18th,19th

Day 06- Block Nov 18th,19th - LA11 American Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Block Day, November 18/19th, 2009 Block Day, November 18/19 Today's Objectives Students will discuss literature in a variety of learners, and make changes in annotation and journal entries to reflect deeper understanding and critical thinking. Students will demonstrate understanding of transcendentalist ideas in modern culture through their explanation of comics and song lyrics that display transcendentalist ideals. Students will practice active reading in Civil Disobedience Block Day, November 18/19 Note to Absent Students: Be sure to turn in your annotated copy of "Self Reliance" and your Journal #2. You need to turn in your comic strip and songy lyrics (with explanatory paragraphs) Read Civil Disobedience (in textbook, pg. 416-417) Block Day, November 18/19 Today's Agenda: Socratic Seminar: Self-Reliance Songs and Comics Presentations Civil Disobedience For Socratic Seminar, You Need: A Pen/Pencil Your Yellow Unit Packet Use the prompts in the packet and the Goals/Objectives on the front page to guide discussion Your Annotated Self Reliance Packet Add annotations as we discuss! Use your annotations to provide EVIDENCE for the claims you make in class! Your Journal #2: Self Reliance Add to your journal! As your peers discuss their responses, makes sure your responses are complete. What can you add? Block Day, November 18/19 Comic and Song Share You will decide whether you share your comic or your song. Share both the item (lyrics, music, comic, etc.) and your explanation. Block Day, November 18/19 Homework for tonight Continue reading Civil Disobedience Be thinking about who you might want to research for your "Modern Transcendentalist" Paper Block Day, November 18/19 On Deck for This Week Friday Introduction to research. Meet in Library Viewing Room Next Week: THANKSGIVING BREAK. ENJOY ...
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