Day 04- Monday, Nov 16th

Day 04- Monday, Nov 16th - LA11 American Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Monday, November 16th, 2009 Monday, November 16 Today's Objectives th Students will use models of active reading, paraphrasing, and annotation (which they were introduced to on Thursday) to aid in their understanding of various Transcendentalist works. Students will practice active reading, paraphrasing, and annotation is preparation to answer critical reading questions Monday, November 16 Note to Absent Students: th Be sure to hand in your Walden Pond journal and annotations upon your return! You need to pick up a "Self Reliance" Packet from me. Monday, November 16 Today's Agenda: th Socratic Seminar and Journal Completion: Walden Pond Begin Reading Emerson's Self-Reliance DUE TODAY: WALDEN POND JOURNAL AND WALDEN POND PACKET, ANNOTATED! For Socratic Seminar, You Need: A Pen/Pencil Your Yellow Unit Packet Use the prompts in the packet and the Goals/Objectives on the front page to guide discussion Your Annotated Walden Pond Packet Add annotations as we discuss! Use your annotations to provide EVIDENCE for the claims you make in class! Your Journal #1: Walden Pond Add to your journal! As your peers discuss their responses, makes sure your responses are complete. What can you add? How Do I Annotate These Texts? Read the questions in advance so you know what major ideas you are looking for in your reading. Paraphrase each paragraph, or, at the very least, note the main ideas in each (this is called marginalia) Highlight important lines that might help serve as quotes for your essays or your comic/song explanations. Monday, November 16 Homework for tonight th Continue reading Self-Reliance and work on Journal #2 Self Reliance Journal is due BLOCK DAY! Keep looking for comic strip and song: Due BLOCK DAY!! Friday, November 13 On Deck for This Week Tuesday Work Day: Self-Reliance reading, annotation, journal Block Day Self Reliance Journal DUE! Self Reliance Socratic Seminar Begin Civil Disobedience th Friday Introduction to research. Meet in Library Viewing Room Next Week: THANKSGIVING BREAK. ENJOY ...
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