Day 02- Thursday, Nov 12th

Day 02- Thursday, Nov 12th - LA11 American Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Thursday, November 12, 2009 Thursday, November 12 Today's Objectives th Students will become familiar with the expectations and assignments for their unit on the Transcendentalists. Students will view models of active reading, paraphrasing, and annotation to aid in their understanding of various Transcendentalist works. Students will practice active reading, paraphrasing, and annotation is preparation to answer critical reading questions Thursday, November 12 th Note to Absent Students: Be sure to look online for the new unit goals/expectations and the unit calendar. The journal prompts for the unit are also located here. You can pick up a hard copy from me when you come back! Pick up the Walden Pond packet from me. You will have some reading to catch up on over the weekend. Thursday, November 12 Today's Agenda: th Introduction to the Transcendentalist Unit Hold on to your notes from the film... they will help you with your projects and paper this unit Class Reading: Walden Pond Annotate as we go through! PRACTICE! Examples of Transcendentalism in Comics (Calvin and Hobbes, Non Sequitor) How Do I Annotate These Texts? Read the questions in advance so you know what major ideas you are looking for in your reading. Paraphrase each paragraph, or, at the very least, note the main ideas in each (this is called marginalia) Highlight important lines that might help serve as quotes for your essays or your comic/song explanations. Thursday, November 12 Homework for tonight th If you want to read ahead, feel free to do so. We will finish reading the introduction to Walden Pond in class tomorrow, then you will have some in-class time to start your independent reading/annotating and journals. Walden Pond Journal is due MONDAY! Begin thinking about comic strip Thursday, November 12 On Deck for Tomorrow: th Finish Reading intro to Walden Pond packet. Independent reading and annotating in Walden Pond packet. Journal work time Introduction of Song Activity ...
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