Day 7- Block Oct 7th, 8th

Day 7- Block Oct 7th, 8th - LA11 American Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Block day, October 7 , 8 Block day, October 7th , 8th Block day, October 7 , 8 th th Today's Objectives Students will discuss literature in a community of learners, analyzing a text for theme, character interaction, symbols, and content knowledge. Students will demonstrate understanding of character and plot by asking and answering a variety of questions. Students will practice critical reading strategies while readign a difficult text. Block day, October 7 , 8 th th Today's Agenda Fizzle Small Group Discussion/Fredrick Douglas Reading Huck Activity Character Hot Seat Listen to Huck (beginning @ Chapter 12) Small Group Discussion In your groups, you need to have one person write down your discussion responses (make sure everyone's name is on the paper). It might be wise to take your own notes... you might like to have some of these thoughts for your essay!! You will report back out to the class at the end of the discussion period. Character Hot Seat Brainstorm Characters Brainstorm Questions (at least 2) for each character Let the hot seat commence! Block day, October 7 , 8 th th Reading Time Chapters 1220 and Journal #2 are due on TUESDAY! Block day, October 7 , 8 th th Homework for tonight: Read Huck and Work on Journals (Chapters 1220 due Tuesday) You will have more time to read and work on Journal #2 after the vocab quiz on Friday. Study for vocabulary test (Friday) Block day, October 7 , 8 th th On Deck for Friday: Vocabulary Quiz Read and Work on Journals ...
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