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Day 16- Friday Oct 23rd

Day 16- Friday Oct 23rd - LA11 American Literature and...

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Unformatted text preview: LA11: American Literature and Composition Friday, October 23 Friday, October 23 rd Today's Objectives: Students will demonstrate understanding and proper use of new vocabulary. Students will reflect on their own writing as well as that of their peers in an attempt to determine a plan of action to improve future essays. Students will learn 6 types of commas and identify proper comma usage so they can later use commas correctly in their own writing. Friday, October 23 Today's Agenda: rd Vocabulary Quiz and Hand Back Papers Paper Review: What can we improve Commas by numbers, and introduction Note to Absent Students Carefully read the suggestions for improvement for your essays. Complete the 3 questions about essay improvement in this PowerPoint. Pick up your paper and a comma packet from me upon your return. Keep up on your reading. Final Quiz on Tuesday! Analytical/Persuasive Essays Today's Tasks: 1. 2. 3. 4. Common Mistakes/Overview Anticipatory Response Hand back essays, review Proactive Response What is the purpose of a thesis statement? COMMON MISTAKE #1: THESIS STATEMENTS How long is a thesis statement? Set up what you are going to talk about in your paper. Not too detailed, but detailed enough to get a good idea of what will be discussed. It is a delicate BALANCE! Should include title of works, authors, and main idea of the paper. NEEDS TO HAVE A SO WHAT ELEMENT: Why is this important? What is the lesson I am going to learn? Why should I keep reading?? (this is the theme statement, remember? ) Short: 12 sentences Where does it go? At the end of your introductory paragraph Intro Paragraph: EXAMPLES FROM YOUR PEERS The transition from purity to corruption is something that everybody encounters in his life. Whether it be a first white lie, the first swear word, or the first fight one is involved in, each person somehow undergoes corruption in his life. Holden Caulfield, the main character in The Catcher in the Rye, must witness corruption to value the "purities" that life has to offer. Through Holden's transformation from being an extreme pessimist at the beginning of The Catcher in the Rye into an individual who values the pure and simple things in life, the reader learns that one cannot fully value the beauty of purity until he has been faced with corruption. Several of you addressed some really important events and ideas, but were missing something. COMMON MISTAKE #2: "SO WHAT?" Back up your ideas by tying them back to your thesis. As you proofread your paper, ask yourself "so what?" If this question is not answered in each paragraph (that means for each piece of evidence), you need to take it further. "Although pessimism is seen in Holden's attitude for the firs half of The Catcher in the Rye, optimism is found through the purity Holden now sees in the world. Little things that Holden does or experiences are noticeable to the reader now with this new attitude Holden has. On page 113 in the text, Holden notes that, "When they got up to go, the two nuns, I did something very studpind and embarrassing... I was smoking a cigarette, and when I got up to say goodbye to them, by mistake I blew some smoke in their face" (Salinger 113) This little sidenote Holden makes is a key turning point in Holden's outlook on life. The reader is now allowed to see tah tHolden does not hate everything in life and no longer views the world as a corrupt void. Holden knows that the nuns he was speaking with have pure hearts with like intentions with their actions in life, and he felt that the tainted their purity by breathing smoke into their face." It ties back to the thesis and answers "so what?"! Another Example from Your Peers: When do you need transitions? COMMON MISTAKE #3: TRANSITIONS When you are changing from one thought to the next. When you are starting a new paragraph. Transitions link your paragraphs together, helping the reader follow your train of thought and helping you stay on track. Examples From Your Peers: Body Paragraph 1: TS= Cherishing purity and opposing corruption is one of the most common motifs in The Catcher in the Rye, and Holden's perspective towards purity and corruption changes throughout the text. Body Paragraph 2: TS= About midway through the text Holden is faced with corrupt situations and adversity which, in turn, change his though process and help him really understand things in live that are pure and have serious value to him. Body Paragraph 3: TS= Another point of adversity in Holden's story is not only the emotional pain he experiences, but the corrupt, physical pain that he faces as well. Body Paragraph 4: TS= Although pessimism is seen in Holden's attitude for the first half of the book, optimism is found through the purity Holden now sees in the world. Body Paragraph 5: TS= Another point the reader can acknowledge as Holden's ability to truly value purity in the world is at the very end of the text when his little sister, Phoebe, was on the carrousel at the park. Common Mistake #4: GRAMMAR AND CONVENTIONS SPELLING COMMAS AND SEMICOLONS (These also factor into sentence fluency! Kill two birds with one stone) PUNCTUATION GOES OUTSIDE THE ( ) AFTER CITING A QUOTE! Your Task On your own piece of paper, answer the following question: 1. After hearing the common mistakes and things to improve, how do you think you did on your paper? What grade are you expecting? Your Task, Continued: Now we will hand your essays back to you. Take some time and look at the comments on your paper. Then, answer questions 2 and 3. 1. How does the grade you received compare to what you were expecting. What is your reaction? Come up with an Action Plan to improve your next paper. What will you focus on? (This can be in bullet form). 1. Commas By Numbers! 1: INTRODUCTORY A worried mother, Cathy was always calling her daughters to make sure they got home safely. 2: INTERRUPTING Cathy, a worried mother, was always calling her daughters to make sure they got home safely. 3: AFTERTHOUGHT Sam was excited to play against Taylor, the awardwinning player from the rival school. 4: COMPOUND I told Lilly to jump up into the car, but she was too fat to jump more than a couple inches. 5: SERIES I get the original SMASH burger with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard. 6: EQUAL MODIFIERS I am often envious of my sister's unique, individual talent in art. Friday, October 23 Homework for This Weekend: rd Final Huck Quiz and Journal Entry due Tuesday! Read and work on journals! Remember, Monday is a work day. ...
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